Big Maths Jingles

So far this term we have learnt 5 new Learn Its!

Here are all the jingles so you can keep practising them at home 🙂

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18 Responses to Big Maths Jingles

  1. Mason's mum says:

    We have decided which song we like the best . Mason likes the 3+9=12. Daddy likes the 4+9=13 and mummy likes the 4+7=11.X

  2. natasha k says:

    I liked it wen we med the eleerens.

  3. kaleigh says:

    I like dowing the learn its.

  4. Inshaal says:

    My best ever score was 13

  5. Aidan says:

    I have learned all of those in school I like…3+3+3+9 there’s a monster all the time

  6. Aidan says:

    This is rap music

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have learnt them all at school

  8. Anonymous says:

    love it xx

  9. maddie says:

    I do these at school but people normaly go in front and dance for them

  10. maddie says:

    I go to lionel walden

  11. year 3 boy lumbertubs says:

    I really liked it seriously i liked it so i am going to listen to it again and again

  12. Ellie says:

    I love 4+7=11

  13. Amelia says:

    I love 4+9=13.

  14. somia says:

    In school I do the jingles but some girls come at the front to dance

  15. Aadil says:

    I like 4+9=13 and 4+8=12

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