Traction Man!!

We are so excited about our new book in literacy…
We have started reading TRACTION MAN by Mini Grey and we LOVE IT!


We have been stretching our imagination learning muscles to think about what might be in Traction Man’s wardrobe…
Year 2 used some fantastic WOW words to describe Traction Mans outfits:
Colourful, zigzag, camouflage, brave, jungle green, transparent…

Some children have written 2A sentences to describe Traction Man:
A 2A sentence is a sentence with two adjectives before the first noun followed by a further two adjectives before the second noun.

Traction Man has smelly, blue sweatbands and colourful, zigzag trousers.

Traction Man has got bright, blue flippers and a shiny, orange helmet.

Traction Man has blue, rubbery flippers and transparent diving goggles.

Traction Man has a bright, red helmet with a smooth, black eye protector.

Traction Man has a brown, camouflage vest and green, jungle pants.

Traction Man has zigzag, eye catching pants and super, bright vest.

Can you write a 2A sentence to describe Traction Man in this picture?


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  1. Louix says:

    It was exsiten lising to it.

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